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Dynazty EP

by NazcarNation

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released August 10, 2010

NazcarNation is:
Wargo - Beats, Vox
Tiger - Vox, Guitar, Bass
Balane - Drums, Bass

Recorded in Lake Arrowhead and Koreatown by Chris Wargo
Additional guitars engineered by Thomas Vincent (The Sea of Cortez) in Hollywood
Mixed by Chris Wargo
Mastered by Nic Pope at Different Fur Studios
Produced by Chris Wargo & Craig Robert Smith
Cover Photo by Darius Twin
Logo by Jeff Dickens & Mark Balane

Download the stems so you can remix:

Beeswax Stems -

Destiny Intro Stems -

Monolith Prep Stems -

Trust Fall Stems -




NazcarNation Los Angeles

NazcarNation is now Gangplans.

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Track Name: Destiny Intro
I've got something
That you ought to know
It's just a feeling, we can't
We just can't take it slow

It's on top of the line
You're feeling fine
It's on top of the line

It's on top of the line
You're doing fine

This time it's different;
There's no need to shout
As for your demons, you can
You can let them out

If you said to me
Watch your back
It's your destiny
No turning back

You got it, hey
You got it, whoa
Track Name: Beeswax
Build me up
Don't break me down
Build me up

It's enough
When you get down
To keep it rough

I never got your letters
And if I did she hid them, hid them

Compromise, compromise, compromise is when
I give up and you give in

Come behind, come behind, come behind my eyes
Look through them, see what you find

Was your hips, was your lips, was your kiss, was ev'
Everything I left behind

Its my dreams, its my dough, my model girlfriend
No regrets, I told you so

In my mind, in my mind, in my mind I swam
To this place, feet in the sand

This is life, this is love, it's all of the above
Crashing into paradise

I never wanna go back there, yeah
Clearly you do
Track Name: Trust Fall
As soon as you get home
We will be quick to leave
Just snatch up all your things
And don't forget the manuals to them, oh

Stay real close I'll show you the way
A subtle touch fairs so well with time
These tethered hands will catch you for sure
Move all night and let those stars render blind

Forget the safe and sound
It's been too low key
Those kids you left behind
We can send some postcards to them, oh

Stay real close I'll show you the way
Our caution steps pass away with time
You cannot claim you've been here before
These moments framed will be the maps to guide our kind